Brisbane, Australia | May 22-24, 2017

ICRA 2018

Tidy Up My Room Challenge

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Robust interaction in domestic settings is still a hard problem for most robots. These settings tend to be unstructured, changing and aimed at humans not robots. This makes the grasping and picking of a wide range of objects in a person’s home a canonical problem for future robotic applications. With this challenge, we aim to foster a community around solving these tasks in a holistic fashion, requiring a tight integration of perception, reasoning and actuation.

Robotics is an integration discipline and significant efforts are put in by labs worldwide every year to build robotic systems, yet it is hard to compare and validate these approaches against each other. Challenges and competitions have provided an opportunity to benchmark robotic systems on specific tasks, such as pick and place, and driving. We envision this challenge to contain multiple tasks and to increase in complexity over the years. We particularly encourage teams from previous Amazon Robotics Challenges, RoboCup@Home and ERL challenges to take part.

At the first annual “Tidy up my room” Challenge, held at ICRA 2018, teams will be asked to deploy their robots into a room setup -- think IKEA showroom -- and have it perform specific tasks. For example, the robot may have to locate all the objects that are out of place, such as books on the floor.

Tidy Up My Room Challenge

In its first year running the Tidy Up My Room Challenge aims to showcase state-of-the-art robotic systems for domestic helper scenarios. The competition will consist of three separate tracks, with teams being able to participate in a single track or the complete challenge.

Track 1: Visual detection and classification of out of place objects. To foster the development of semantic robotic vision systems the first track consists of a vision only task. Teams can either use a mobile robot or can bring a sensor suite and laptop to be carried through the room setup. The teams will need to provide a list of objects that are out of place and their locations. Track 1 can be performed without a robotic system!

Track 2: Autonomous Visual detection and classification. Similar to Track 1 but by autonomously operating robots.

Track 3: Object arrangement on a table. The second track is focussing on a simple manipulation task in a limited workspace. Stationary or mobile robotic systems should move objects on a desk into the right spots (or into a basket beside the table). Focussing on hand-eye coordination capabilities this track will not require pick and place capabilities but can be solved by mere pushing and shoving items into place. (compare: YCB Table Setting Protocol and Benchmark)

Track 4: Full-fledged clean-up task. The third track will showcase full system capabilities of entering, analysing and cleaning a room (roughly the size of an IKEA showroom - Including picking up objects and storing them in their correct place (e.g. on a shelf as in the ACRV Picking Benchmark).


Here is the latest, complete rulebook for the Tidy Up My Room Challenge: Rulebook 2018 PDF

Expression of Interest

A number of teams will be selected to compete in the Tidy Up My Room Challenge showcase at ICRA 2018 in Brisbane, Australia. Teams are encouraged to present their solutions, both in actual robotic systems but also will have the chance to present their work to the wider ICRA audience. No restrictions apply on the team’s robotic systems, the actuators, end-effectors, or sensor capabilities. A standard platform is a possibility that may be provided, similar to the RoboCup@home SPL. If you are interested please indicate that in your expression of interest.


We are looking for a number of teams to display current robotics capability in domestic household tasks. Expressions of Interest are due by Jan 20. (with the accepted teams being notified within a week). Please email your expression of interest in a PDF to containing at least the following:
  • Team Name and Size (webpage, if available)
  • Robots and System Capabilities of your Team (no more than 1 page - Figures not counted), including how this will fit within the challenge or a specific track
  • What do you see as the most challenging aspects of a domestic tidy up task (both generally for robotic systems but also specifically for your approach)


Expression of Interest: Jan 20, 2018
(anywhere on the planet)
Submit via eMail to  

Acceptance Notification: within a week of submission

Challenge Dates

May 22-24, 2018


Australian Centre for Robotic Vision
We are still looking for more sponsors to provide more incentive for the teams to show their skills! If you and your company are interested in sponsoring, contact us!


IROS 2018 Tidy Up My Room Challenge

Brisbane, Australia

May 22-24, 2018

We hope to stimulate a discussion about the state of the art of domestic helper robots through displays of current systems and interactive presentation by research labs from all over the world!
During the 3 day competition we want a handful of teams to display their skills and capabilities in a domestic setting arena (think IKEA show room)!