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In February we received the great news that our team was accepted for the 2016 Amazon Picking Challenge. The event will be was held in conjunction with Robocup 2016 in Leipzig, Germany from June 30 to July 3.

We have a Facebook team page where we will stream the action and both our runs live! Go here: https://www.facebook.com/ACRVTeam/
Facebook keeps the video files, so you can re-watch our run from the APC!

What’s the challenge?

The challenge is to robotically and autonomously pick objects from a shelf into a box and also from a box back onto the shelf. We want to use this as a technical demonstrator for the Centre and build on this in the future. We are working on:
  • Ensuring robust detection of the objects on the shelf (which is shiny and reflective)
  • Integrating a reliable pick and place action involving a tight coupling of vision and action
  • Using Baxter as a platform with a few hardware modifications
  • Using both RGB and depth cameras (real sense) for robust object detection


[Jan 2017] The benchmarking paper is accepted at ICRA 2017 and will be presented in Singapore!
[Dec 2016] A new year is coming, with a new challenge, we have applied to be part of the Amazon Robotics Challenge in Japan in 2017, see our application here.
[Sep 2016] A benchmarking paper is being prepared by the team to be submitted to ICRA 2017!
[Jul 2016] We came 6th in the picking task by scoring 42 points! :) YAY!!
[May 2016] The team is hard at work to get the full system robust for the challenge in Leipzig, Germany!
[May 2016] The ACRV/QUT Media Team has taken some pictures of us working on the APC here in Brisbane! [Link]
[Mar 2016] Amazon Robotics is going to sponsor our conference registration and will give us a travel stipend of US$ 6000
[Feb 2016] Team ACRV has been accepted as one of the 15 teams to participate in this year's Amazon Picking Challenge!

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Application Video


The following is a list of related research code, publications, data, etc.:
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ACRV APC Team Photo

Team Leader: Dr Jürgen Leitner
Undegrad Students: Matthew Cooper, Jake Dean, Ruben Mangels, Lachlan Nicholson
PhD Students: Adam Tow, James Sergeant, Peter Kujala
Dr Chris Lehnert, Dr Niko Sünderhauf, Dr Trung Pham, Dr Markus Eich
Assoc Prof Ben Upcroft, Prof Peter Corke

Australian Centre for Robotic Vision (ACRV)
Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and University of Adelaide, Australia

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Juxi Leitner

Queensland University of Technology (QUT)
Team Leader