Designed by the robotics group at the Queensland University of Technology LunaRoo is a proposal for the Lunar Payload Opportunity by the Google Lunar XPrize team PT Scientists. The plan is to piggy-back to the Moon soon!

A hopping payload? For the Moon?!?

The LunaRoo is a hopping robot designed to exploit the Moon's lower gravity to leap up to 20m above the surface. It is compact enough to fit within a 10cm cube, whilst providing unique observation and mission capabilities.

Lunar Payload Opportunity.

At the beginning of 2015 Part Time Scientists, a team vying for the Google Lunar XPrize started a call for submissions for payloads to fly with them to the Moon. This Lunar Payload Opportunity lead us to develop the LunaRoo project.

Student Opportunities.

There are multiple opportunities for students to take part in this great endeavour! There are VRES, BEB801/2 and Capstone project opportunities at QUT! And there is heaps of other things to do, so feel free to contact us for your chance to be part of this Australian Moonshot!

Payload Opportunity Submission

Payload Description

Here you are able to download our report describing the payload, the mission, the design and the science!

Media Gallery.

We try to keep everyone updated about our latest developments by keeping a list of videos and pictures, showing the project's progress.

Our Team.

The core LunaRoo team consists of several experts in the fields of robotics design, development and deployment, as well as, experts in the field of computer vision. All team members are passionate about space exploration and aerospace engineering, and many have a strong background in the latter, as demonstrated by their university degrees and professional experience (e.g. team members have worked with NASA, ESA, DLR, Lockheed Martin, and more), as well as published space related research. The team is based at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in Brisbane, Australia. QUT is a young and dynamic university, which is regularly ranked among the best “Under 50” universities in the world. The team members are part of the Robotics and Autonomous Systems group of QUT’s Science and Engineering Faculty, one of the top robotics research groups in Australia. They are also part of the Australian Centre for Robotic Vision (ACRV), a 25M AUD 7-year Centre of Excellence led by QUT. The team is coordinated by Juxi Leitner.

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