Space Master Robotics Team @IJCAI 2009
Proceedings Project paper for the IJCAI proceedings IJCAI.Paper.pdf (PDF, 3mb) Sep 20
Movie SMURFS Project Presentation
YouTube (min) Jul 12
Movie SMURFS Robot Unit Presentaion YouTube (min) Jul 12
Movie SMURFS Single Unit Movement YouTube (min) Jul 12
Movie SMURFS Three Units Moving YouTube (min) Jul 12
Movie SMURFS Robot Simulator & Control YouTube (min) Jul 12
Picture First picture:
TwitPic(82kb) Jun 24
Proposal Project proposal, sent to the organizers IJCAI-Proposal.pdf (PDF, 25kb) Feb 20
SpaceMaster Robotics Team

SpaceMaster Robotics Team Members

SpaceMaster Robotics Team

A student team consisting of members formerly studying in the Joint European Master in Space Science & Technology (SpaceMaster) programme. It is currently spread all over Europe.

Juxi Leitner currently a Young Graduate Trainee at ESA's Advanced Concepts Team. He graduated from the Helsinki University of Technology and the Luleå Unversity of Technology in Space Robotics in 2009. He has been at the ISSL at the University of Tokyo, as well as at the VisLab at the Instituto Superior Técnico Lisbon for research stays. He received a BSc from the Technical University of Vienna in 2007. ...more

David Leal Martínez a graduate student currently at the Helsinki University of Technology where he is writing his MSc thesis on "Reconfigurable Robots". He got his Bachelor degree in Electronic Systems Engineering from ITESM in Monterrey, Mexico. ...more

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