Press Releases
Brochure A short information about the project and its main points reel.SMRT.Brochure.pdf (PDF) Oct 1
Team PR Fishing for the Future High in the Sky PressRelease.pdf (PDF, 7kb) [HTML] May 9
Scientific PR Fishing From The Edge Of Space PressRelease.pdf (PDF, 7kb) [HTML] May 12
Scientific PR À La Pêche à L’apesanteur! PressRelease.pdf (PDF, 7kb) [HTML] May 9
HIA “Fischen” nach Schwerelosigkeit (Austria) PressRelease.pdf (PDF, 7kb) [HTML] May 12
HIA Un Lévisien Expérimente Avec L’apesanteur (Canada) PressRelease.pdf (PDF, 7kb) [HTML] May 12
HIA Aussies Fishing From The Edge Of Space (Australia) PressRelease.pdf (PDF, 7kb) [HTML] May 9
Preliminary Design Review
Presentation The PDR presentation for the workshop at DLR in Oberpfaffenhofen reel.SMRT.PDR_Presentation.pdf (PDF, 12mb) Mar 15
Report The PDR (Preliminary Design Report) reel.SMRT.PDR.pdf (PDF, 2.8mb) Mar 15
Appendices The Appendices to the PDR Report reel.SMRT.PDR_Appendices.pdf (PDF, 11mb) Mar 15
Selection Workshop
Presentation reel.SMRT project presentation at the ESA seleciton workshop at ESTEC SelectionPresentation.pdf (PDF, 5.9mb) Feb 7
Application Project Application, sent to ESA, for the REXUS/BEXUS launch campaign 2009/2010 RXBXApplication.pdf (PDF, 800kb) Nov 18
SpaceMaster Robotics Team

We want to specially thank our sponsors
for their financial support!

SpaceMaster Robotics Team Members

SpaceMaster Robotics Team

A student team consisting of members formerly studying in the Joint European Master in Space Science & Technology (SpaceMaster) programme. It is currently spread all over Europe.

The team consists for this project of the following 9 team members: Katherine Bennell, Mark 'Fitts' Fittock, Mikulas Jandak, Juxi Leitner, David Leal Martínez, Waen Nawarat, Campbell Pegg, Mikael Persson, and Jan Speidel


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