All aspects of the project are covered in the Student Experiment Documentation (SED). The SED is work in progress throughout the whole project. Different Versions are going to be released to ESA at given deadlines.

Final Report
Report The Final Report (PDF, 10.94mb) Jan 17, 2010
Appendix System and Data reel.SMRT_Appendix1_System.and.Data.pdf (PDF, 2.3mb) Jan 17, 2010
Appendix Management reel.SMRT_Appendix2_Management.pdf (PDF, 16.6mb) Jan 17, 2010
Appendix Electrical reel.SMRT_Appendix3_Electrical.Subsystem.pdf (PDF, 9.3mb) Jan 17, 2010
Appendix Software reel.SMRT_Appendix4_Software.Subsystem.pdf (PDF, 0.5mb) Jan 17, 2010
Appendix Mechanical reel.SMRT_Appendix5_Mechanical.Subsystem.pdf (PDF, 12.6mb) Jan 17, 2010
Appendix Outreach reel.SMRT_Appendix6_Outreach.pdf (PDF, 4.3mb) Jan 17, 2010
Mid-Term Report
Report The MTR (Mid Term Report) reel.SMRT.MTR.pdf (PDF, ?mb) Aug 17, 2009
Appendix System Level reel.SMRT_Appendix1_System.Level.pdf (PDF, ?mb) Aug 17, 2009
Appendix Management reel.SMRT_Appendix2_Management.pdf (PDF, ?mb) Aug 17, 2009
Appendix Electrical reel.SMRT_Appendix3_Electrical.pdf (PDF, ?mb) Aug 17, 2009
Appendix Software reel.SMRT_Appendix4_Software.pdf (PDF, ?mb) Aug 17, 2009
Appendix Mechanical reel.SMRT_Appendix5_Mechanical.pdf (PDF, ?mb) Aug 17, 2009
Appendix Outreach reel.SMRT_Appendix6_Outreach.pdf (PDF, ?mb) Aug 17, 2009
Critical Design Review
Presentation The CDR presentation reel.SMRT.CDR_Presentation.pdf (PPTX, 5mb) Jun 9, 2009
Report The CDR (Critical Design Report) reel.SMRT.CDR.pdf (PDF, 4.3mb) Jun 9, 2009
Appendix System Level reel.SMRT_Appendix1_System.Level.pdf (PDF, 400kb) Jun 9, 2009
Appendix Management reel.SMRT_Appendix2_Management.pdf (PDF, 6.4mb) Jun 9, 2009
Appendix Electrical reel.SMRT_Appendix3_Electrical.pdf (PDF, 4.9mb) Jun 9, 2009
Appendix Software reel.SMRT_Appendix4_Software.pdf (PDF, 300kb) Jun 9, 2009
Appendix Mechanical reel.SMRT_Appendix5_Mechanical.pdf (PDF, 400kb) Jun 9, 2009
Appendix Outreach reel.SMRT_Appendix6_Outreach.pdf (PDF, 9.5mb) Jun 9, 2009
Preliminary Design Review
Presentation The PDR presentation for the workshop at DLR in Oberpfaffenhofen reel.SMRT.PDR_Presentation.pdf (PDF, 12mb) Mar 15, 2009
Report The PDR (Preliminary Design Report) reel.SMRT.PDR.pdf (PDF, 2.8mb) Mar 15, 2009
Appendices The Appendices to the PDR Report reel.SMRT.PDR_Appendices.pdf (PDF, 11mb) Mar 15, 2009
SpaceMaster Robotics Team

We want to specially thank our sponsors
for their financial support!

SpaceMaster Robotics Team Members

SpaceMaster Robotics Team

A student team consisting of members formerly studying in the Joint European Master in Space Science & Technology (SpaceMaster) programme. It is currently spread all over Europe.

The team consists for this project of the following 9 team members: Katherine Bennell, Mark 'Fitts' Fittock, Mikulas Jandak, Juxi Leitner, David Leal Martínez, Waen Nawarat, Campbell Pegg, Mikael Persson, and Jan Speidel


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