Members of the SpaceMaster Robotics Team

Juxi Leitner

Juxi is currently a Young Graduate Trainee at the European Space Agency's Advanced Concepts Team. He graduated from the Helsinki University of Technology with a MSc(Tech.) in Space Robotics and Automation as well as from the Luleå Technical University with a MSc in Space Technology. For his MSc thesis focused on MultiRobot Collaboration he was for 3 months at the Intelligent Space Systems Laboratory of the University of Tokyo. He received a BSc in "Software and Information Engineering" in 2007 from the Technical University of Vienna, where he did start a MSc in "Computational Intelligence" before joining the SpaceMaster programme. He has also studied at the Royal Instiute of Technology in Stockholm as an ERASMUS student, worked at the Instituto de Sistemas e Rob├│tica, in Lisboa on depth perception for humanoid robotics, and attended the Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg (JMUW) and the Kiruna Space Campus (part of the Lulea Technical University) during his first year in the SpaceMaster course.

David Leal Martinez

David has graduated from the SpaceMaster course, with his Master Thesis on Reconfigurable Robots, at the Helsinki University of Technology (TKK) and the Luleå Technical University. Before that he has worked in diferent areas in both Mexican and US based companies and got his Bachelor degree in Electronic Systems Engineering from ITESM in Monterrey, Mexico

Other Members

Mark 'Fitts' Fittock was a SpaceMaster graduate student at Lulea Tekniska Universitet where he was heavily involved in student projects. He has a BSc in Astrophysics and Mathematics and a BEng with Honours in Mechanical Engineering from Monash University. He helped with the xgravler (REEL-E) project and is part of the BEXUS team. Currently he works for the German Aerospace Center (DLR) in Bremen.