My Studies

My Studies

Here information about my studies can be found. These include various universities, degrees and also summer schools I attended more recently. This info is also available in my Curriculum Vitae.

Summer Schools

Over the years I had the chance to attend various summer schools to get more knowledge in specific areas.

Veni Vidi Vici '12, 7th iCub Summer School (2012)

Hands-On Summer School Neural Dynamics Approaches to Cognitive Systems (2011)

JAIST International Robotics Summer School (2010)

International School in Robotics and Intelligent Systems (2009)

Università della Svizzera Italiana, Lugano, Switzerland

Doctoral Candidate in the faculty of informatics under the supervision of Jürgen Schmidhuber and Alexander Förster. The research topic is autonomy and adaptiveness in robots, with a focus on our humanoid robot, iCub.

Joint European Master Degree in Space Science and Technology

This 120 ECTS ERASMUS-Mundus Double Degree Programme, named in short just "SpaceMaster", offers courses at various universities. I received a "Master of Science in Technology" from the "Helsinki University of Technology (TKK), with a major in Space Robotics & Automation. After one semester at the University of Würzburg (JMUW) in 2007, courses continued at the Lulea Technical University (LTU), from which I received a "Master of Science" degree. The thesis topic was in the field of multi-robot cooperation, focusing on adaptive behaviours and machine learning. This was partly done during a research stay at the Intelligent Space Systems Laboratory of the University of Tokyo.

University of Tokyo, Japan

Helsinki University of Technology, Finland

Kiruna Space Campus, Luleå University of Techn., Sweden

University of Würzburg, Germany

IST (Instituto Superior Tècnico), Lisbon, Portugal

I studied, for a dedicated course in robotics, and worked, as a programmer for 3 months at the Instituto de Sistemas e Robótica.

Vienna University of Technology, Austria

From 2003 on I studied at this university in Austria, first towards my Bachelor degree and then towards my Master in Computer Science. I was enrolled in the following programs here:

MSc "Computational Intelligence"

BSc "Software & Information Engineering"

KTH (Royal Institute of Techn.), Stockholm, Sweden

In 2005/06 I was an ERASMUS student here, taking courses in theoretical computer science and ubiquitous computing.

University of Vienna, Austria

The first university I enrolled in to pursue (as a minor besides Computer Science) a astronomy degree, which I unfortunately never finished.

Primary Education

1997 - 2002 Higher Technical and Vocational College St. Pölten, Lower Austria, Department of Computer Technology and Organization (EDVO)

High School Dissertation: Java Security Concepts within Insecure Networks (written in English)

1993 - 1997 Federal Grammar School Lilienfeld, Lower Austria

1989 - 1993 Elementary School Türnitz, Lower Austria


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