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Getting Robots to Grasp the World Vision And Action at the ACRV Amazon (Headquarters) Sep 2017 Seattle, U.S.A.

How Robotic Vision Helped Win the Amazon Robotics Challenge University of Washington (Dieter Fox' lab). Sep 2017 Seattle, U.S.A.

IROS 2017 (Benchmarking Grasping Workshop). Sep 2017 Vancouver, Canada

the need for robots to grasp the world Click! Digital Expo. Sep 2017 Brisbane, Australia

more to be added soon  

ICRA 2017 (Warehouse Automation Workshop). May 2017 Singapore

SMRTR (Smart Robots) ICRA 2017 (Industry Forum). May 2017 Singapore

ICRA 2017 May 2017 Singapore

Bulimba STEAM Expo May 2017 Bulimba, Australia



more to be added