Two Day Hands-on Workshop
ROS: the Robot Operating System

Lead: Juxi Leitner <>


The workshop aims to give the participants an introduction to ROS - the robot operating system. It will have short presentations about specific topics within ROS followed by hands-on session, where attendees will be able to try and apply the presented knowledge on their own laptops. A variety of useful tools will be presented and the workshop will finish with some best practices and use cases of ROS in a variety of projects. Attendees will learn about ROS and should at the end of this workshop be able to develop and deploy ROS environments in their own company or institutions.

When and Where

Kuala Lumpur: 24 & 25 Sep 2018
Singapore: 27 & 28 Sep 2018

Materials, Notes and Background Reading


Day 1: Session 1, Session 2
Day 2: Session 1, Session 2

Virtual Machine



Further Reading

About Juxi

Juxi is a researcher at the Australian Centre of Excellence for Robotic Vision (ACRV), where he leads the Manipulation efforts. He has authored more than 50 publications on research projects in Robotics, Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Before joining the ACRV node in Peter Corke's lab at QUT Juxi worked at the IDSIA Robotics Lab and received a PhD from the Università della Svizzera Italiana (USI) for his work on robotic learning for visual perception and actions on the iCub humanoid. Previously he worked on Space Security and AI at the Advanced Concepts Team of the European Space Agency. JUxi studied Space Robotics in a Joint European Master Programme (SpaceMaster) at Aalto (TKK) and the Kiruna Space Campus (LTU).