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This is a list of videos and pictures of my past and on-going projects. Most of my videos are on YouTube and you can find them in a playlist here! Also check out the YouTube channels of the QUT Robotics and Autonomous Systems group, SpaceMaster Robotics Team, the Advanced Concepts Team or the IDSIA Robotics Lab.


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coverage of our robotronica exhibits
our robotics demos were shown on TeleTicino's Applicando, a tv show about science and its applications (in Italian)
Rise of Artificial Intelligence - PBS Documentary, includes footage from our videos above (also shots of me :))
Video re-upload of our Toward Intelligent Humanoids on YouTube, has lots of hits because of the misleading title, I guess
Visual Object Localisation and Spatial Perception in Humanoids Interview with AZoRobotics (2013)
Making an iCub robot 'clever' RoboHub (2012)
x-gravler/reel-e project overview Austrian Space Applications Programme (2010)
"Fischen" nach Schwerelosigkeit Noe News (2009)
Österreichs Piraten sehen grün Futurezone (2006)